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We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life. We have worked for small private firms, foreign and domestic government agencies and many of the world’s largest private employers for Engineering, Manufacturing, Defense, Aircraft, Healthcare, Computers, Electronics, Architecture, Construction, Power, Operations & Maintenance and many other industries. Our company has successfully filled jobs in Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Safety, Project Controls, Planning, Cost Engineering, Start-up & Commissioning, Estimating, Process Controls, R&D, Training, Human Resources, Contracts Administration, Finance and Accounting, STEM, Medical, Scientific and many more!.


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  • Bringing great people and great organizations together. This drive to connect people and make them successful is what we mean when we say — our people are everything.


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Electrical jobs

Agriculture Farming Jobs

Construction & Building Jobs

Factory worker

Engineering jobs

Oil & Gas Jobs

Employment vacancies in Industry like


Construction is a large employing industry. Trades workers are vital to Construction, with apprenticeships and traineeships the main entry pathway. Jobs in Construction can be physically demanding, like bricklaying, meaning that many people leave the industry when they are older

Oil & Gas, Water, Waste Services

It covers oil & gas supply, water supply as well as sewerage and waste disposal. The workforce is highly skilled


It covers manufacturing of food and beverages, petroleum and coal, polymer products, machinery, furniture and more.

Chemical, Agriculture, Forestry

Seasonal work is common, providing Long & short-term opportunities for workers of all ages.

Financial and Insurance Services

This industry includes banking, insurance and superannuation funds, as well as financial brokering services.

Power & Energy

It covers electricity supply, generation, transmission and distribution

  • Landscape Architect Career
  • Industrial Safety and Health Engineer Career
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist Career
  • Industrial Engineering Technician Career
  • Industrial Engineer Career
  • Human Factors Engineers and Ergonomist Career
  • Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining Safety Engineers and Inspector Career
  • Geodetic Surveyor Career
  • Fuel Cell Technician Career
  • Fuel Cell Engineer Career
  • Fire-Prevention and Protection Engineer Career
  • Environmental Engineering Technician Career
  • Environmental Engineer Career
  • Energy Engineer Career
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician Career
  • Civil Drafter Career
  • Civil Engineer Career
  • Civil Engineering Technician Career
  • Computer Hardware Engineer Career
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician Career
  • Electrical and Electronics Drafter Career
  • Electrical Engineering Technologist Career
  • Electromechanical Engineering Technologist Career
  • Chemical Engineer Career
  • Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Career
  • Biomedical Engineer Career
  • Biochemical Engineer Career
  • Automotive Engineering Technician Career
  • Automotive Engineer Career
  • Architectural Drafter Career
  • Architectural and Civil Drafter Career
  • Aerospace Engineer Career
  • Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician Career
  • Agricultural Engineer Career
  • Architects, Except Landscape and Naval Career

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Are you searching for a job outside your country?

They are Over 500000+ different openings around the world but we provide employment for applicants who want to work in the United State, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United Arab Emirates ” Dubai “. Make sure you have your valid international passport ready to start your visa processing

Is there any fee involved?

New employees must address here to this condition before we can start the processing of travel documents. This is because most new employees fail to come work with us after we have processed their travel documents. So what we do now, is make our new employees commit themselves by paying a little amount of money as commitment fee which is refundable once applicant resume at the office next morning

Do you know you can trust us?

We offer applicant’s free accommodation if it’s your first time in the country, free flight ticket, and free feeding. All selected candidates will not be responsible for their work visa, the agency will pay for that

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