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To apply, please send your updated Curriculum Vitae “Cv”  and a one-page cover letter outlining your relevant skills and attributes to for checking and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

Fresher applicants are eligible to apply also, the applicant must be able to speak English

For fast communication, you can chat with us on Whatsapp also ” +61 488 893 006

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We are delighted you are interested in joining ARAS RECRUITMENT AGENCY In a global organization like ours, there are many exciting opportunities for all kinds of unique skill-sets. But, whichever of these roles is right for you, we’re always looking for talented and passionate people to live our values and help us become the best snacking company in the world.


Step 1: Send us your CV “curriculum vitae”

The first and probably most daunting task in applying for jobs abroad is actually finding a position that you can apply for. This is confusing because there is no clear-cut model to finding work abroad, no website that lists every job opening around the world and you probably won’t have a lot of people in your life to go to for advice. But there are jobs out there, you just need to know where to look. Within the next 48hrs, we will get back to you with an available position and salary details along with our application form for you to PRINT out and fill then SCAN it back to us. 


We work on behalf of foreign companies to find workers from around the world. Going through a recruitment agency cuts the hassle of actually looking for positions abroad and companies willing to sponsor, but it comes at a price.


Step 2: Fill & sign documents back to us

Once you receive our application form it a most you PRINT out all the document we will send to you, fill with your handwriting then scan back to us for us to also confirm you are serious about getting employed and not an online joker. You will be employed as our worker cos this is a staffing agency where you work under our agency name and reference to other company that means your Visa and travel processing will be Noted that you are employed by ARAS RECRUITMENT AGENCY. After you get into the country where you will be employed one of our representatives will take you to the company where you will undergo the last and final interview at the office where you will be working after the Verbal interview and visa interview at the embassy when you are going for your Visa.


Step 3: Go through our visa/work right document process

You got the job, but your work is not done yet. Visas and work permits take time and require a bit of money as well as a lot of information on your behalf. You’re asked to submit medicals and police records. You’ll have to have a passport, obviously, and you will have to visit the embassy for an interview after we have Faxed your documents to the embassy in your country. It’s really important that you’re aware of every part of the visa process make sure you stay on top of the visa process and get everything done as soon as possible.


Apply for a visa and/or work permit. Many overseas jobs will not consider you for a position unless you already have a visa or work permit organised. so we’ll have to process your visa and work permit documents right away if you need the job.


Step 4: Turn the dream into a reality

The dream of working abroad seems impossible at first, but it will happen if you put your mind to it and refuse to quit. With companies being as global as they are today, it’s almost a requirement that each has someone on staff that understands foreign markets. 


Think about all the things you have to offer a foreign company, but don’t forget everything you can learn from them and live in your dream country. Go through this process with confidence and don’t be afraid of the word no. Understand that it’s a lot of responsibility to take on a foreign worker no matter how much they have to offer, so a lot of companies will not even give you a second glance, but some will and that’s where the opportunity to work abroad lies.


We’ve been told about an online recruitment fraud involving fake ARAS RECRUITMENT AGENCY job postings. These postings impersonate our company and employees in an attempt to wrongfully gather personal data and money from candidates. We take this matter very seriously and are doing everything we can to put an end to it. Just in case, please watch out for:

  • Employer without our references. All our employees, including our recruitment teams most get employment confirmation letter from Head Office.
  • Job postings or emails with poor spelling and grammar.
  • A job offer when no interview has taken place. As part of our recruitment process, we almost always talk to candidates in person, at least once.
  • Early requests for extensive personal information such as passport and bank account details. We would only request passport information after interview stage and we never ask for your bank account details once you’ve accepted a job offer.
  • Make sure you contact us to confirm before applying with anyone who tells you, he/she works with us.

Recruiting agencies are very easy to find online…